Cesaré Moises Ovando Vazquez


Cesaré Moises Ovando Vazquez

Non-coding RNAs are key regulators in many biological processes like, development, cell differentiation, apoptosis, etc. Prediction of how ncRNAs regulate different cellular functions could help us to understand the ncRNA regulation of diseases. Also, understanding the origin and evolution of ncRNAs could provide us important information about the ncRNA functionality.

At the moment, I have used different kind of quantitative tools (bioinformatics, machine-learning) to improve microRNA target predictions using an expression profile and make them cellular condition specific (TargetExpress).

Besides this, I have modeled biophysical dynamical systems, n microRNAs targeting n mRNAs, to obtain numerical/analytical solutions of microRNA regulation. Also, I am interested in understanding ncRNA noise regulation in different kind of biophysical systems.

I pretend to apply this mathematical modeling to discern the ncRNA evolutionary consequence on gene expression. To develop this idea, I use bioinformatics/machine-learning tools to predict different kinds of ncRNAs on different, model/not-model, organisms.

I am also working in learn/demonstrate the communication intra-species (nematode-mouse) using ncRNA as communication channel and transported by exosomes.